Online Payroll Service (OPS)

With our online payroll service, we take care of the burden of payroll processing.   Simply enter employee hours, then approve employee paychecks to complete the payroll process. It's that simple!  You can use direct deposit, print pay checks,  hand-write pay checks or a combination of both. Print or email a pay statement for each employee. Paperless processing can be done up to 70% faster using our integrated Timeclock service,  no need to enter employee hours. Saves time, money and paper.

   Employer Benefits

  • Fully integrated with our Online Timeclock Service (OTS). No costly human calculation errors.

  • Desktop shortcut makes access simple. Turn every computer into a timeclock.
  • Accurate clock in/out times. Employees can not manipulate times.
  • You can process employee paychecks in minutes OR we can process your payroll for you. (Additional fee)
  • Month-to-month agreement, no long term commitments.
  • No more  timeclocks, time cards, hand written timesheets or racks on the wall to maintain on site.
  • No supplies or software to purchase.
  • No need for paper archives, we keep you data safe and secure.
  • Manager access password allows for easy add, review or change of employee time punches or  payroll information.
  • All payroll and tax reports stored on our secure server and are password protected.
  • Electronic quarterly and annual tax payments and filings including 941,940, uct-6, w-2 and w-3.
  • Ability to track different locations, shifts, departments or jobs for accounting purposes.

Employee Benefits

  • Easy to use, one click punch in/out. Shows employee the last 5 sessions.
  • Employees can check their own hours online with a unique username and password.
  • Direct deposit or paper check available.
  • Payroll statements sent electronically to employees via personal email accounts.(password protected)
  • Ability to put money in a separate checking or savings accounts.
  • Ability to print to view and print timesheets for any period without asking management.
  • Lost paystub, no problem...employee can go online to reprint pay statement themselves.

As low as $19.95 per pay period!
Plus $1.75 for each employee.